Distinguished Gentlemen 2.0 Beard Butter (New)

Distinguished Gentlemen 2.0 Beard Butter (New)

(10 customer reviews)


Our Beard Butter has been hand crafted with select ingredients to provide the best results. It will condition and protect your beard from extreme temperatures, hydrate and moisturize your skin and beard while locking in moisture and helping with styling.


Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Amla Oil, Essential Oil Blend


Conditions beard
Helps with Styling
Protection from extreme temperatures
Hydrates and moisturizes skin
Underneath the beard
Locks in moisture


Warm butter in the palm of your hands and apply desired amount to beard or body

Scent Profile:

A smooth cologne inspired scent  with notes of saffron and cedar
Size 3 oz.

10 reviews for Distinguished Gentlemen 2.0 Beard Butter (New)

  1. Robert Daley

    Love the scent and consistency of the new butter! Really has that “Crisp refreshing” scent to it.

  2. Jay Cade (verified owner)

    Beard stays hydrated and thats a plus. My beard needs work and only after one week of using this butter, IO see the difference!!! Keep it up guys. Im always gonna support my people especially when the product is great… God Bless…

  3. Clyde Thomas (verified owner)

    My beard is loving this butter. The Consistency is perfect & the sent is 1 of a kind. The butter makes my beard super soft and refreshed throughout the day.

  4. Bearded+blanco (verified owner)

    Awesome butter keeps beard fresh and hydrated love the scent profile keep up the good work fellas much blessings


    All I can say is wow, very impressed by how this softens my gray beard! I’m going to stop wasting my time and money on other brands. The beard butter is magnificent, and puts others to shame. The classic scent profile is out of this world. I also use the Hydration Mist daily, and highly recommend as well. Just got the beard oil, and will likely give away all my other inferior products. It’s Classic Grooming from here on out. Nailed it.

  6. Saleem W (verified owner)

    Great Stuff the scent lasts all day and it goes on great makes my beard soft.

  7. Horace Lane (verified owner)

    10/10 only wish I could buy a larger size but let me tell you…Scent: 10/10 definitely along the lines of a fresh cologne. For my fragrance connoisseurs it would fall into the category of a blue fragrance in my humble opinion. Texture makes it very easy to work into the beard without weighing it down. Definitely going to be ordering more products. Keep up the good work fellas.

  8. Blanton Beathea

    Let me tell you something about these two brothers not only are they great teachers when it comes to our beards ! The products are amazing! This butter and oil are one of the best I have ever used . Please support our brothers! Great job !!

  9. Markus allen

    This new 2.0 is going to put other companies out cause this is a game changer

  10. Eric (verified owner)

    10/10 butter smell almost like Baccarat rouge 540

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