Hyde Vibes Beard Butter

Hyde Vibes Beard Butter

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Our HydeVibes Beard Butter has been hand crafted with select ingredients to provide the best results. It will condition and protect your beard from extreme temperatures, hydrate and moisturize your skin and beard while locking in moisture and helping with styling.


Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Amla Oil, Essential Oil Blend


Conditions beard

Helps with Styling

Protection from extreme temperatures

Hydrates and moisturizes skin

Underneath the beard

Locks in moisture


Warm butter in the palm of your hands and apply desired amount to beard or body

Scent Profile: Hyde Vibes is a smooth scent  with notes of cinnamon & citrus

Size 3 oz.

6 reviews for Hyde Vibes Beard Butter

  1. Julian Smith (verified owner)

    I want to first of all say that I have been following Bearded Existence and DHyde’s YouTube channel ever since I started my beard journey. The moment I heard the announcement that they was coming out with their own beard product line I’ll literally could not wait to show them support and buy their product because I knew it was going to be fire. I can truly say I was not wrong. I currently now have Classic Grooming‘s entire product line with the new addition of the X-Factor and Hyde Vibes oil and butter… LET ME TELL YOU… these products smell absolutely amazing and feel absolutely great in the beard. I recommend any viewer reading this feedback to please give these guys a try if you haven’t done so already… don’t just get the oil, get the butter, wash, conditioner, and The hydration mist aka the leave in conditioner. You will get absolutely fabulous beard results when using these products and remember consistency is the key. Again I just got to say to Bearded Existence and DHyde these products get beyond five stars in my books! Keep up the fabulous work brothers! 👊🏽🔥

  2. Timothy Johnson (verified owner)

    I definitely appreciate the products, education, and experience that you provide for all of us in our personal beard growth journey. My wife approves of the scent and that alone is a win-win. I am happy to support the Classic Grooming line. I am looking forward to trying more. Thank you.

  3. Justin Stevenson (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! The smell, the texture spot on. I’ve tried a lot of different products and this is my favorite hands down! Good job fellas! I just need that scent in a body butter!

  4. Blanton (verified owner)

    Hydes Beard Butter! The smell is amazing! The hold and moisture is amazing too. All I can say is you won’t be disappointed with anything they put out. My favorite beard company and I have a lot .

  5. Don M (verified owner)

    The butter has just the rite hold.. smells awesome

  6. Don. M (verified owner)

    Hyde vibe. Smells so good

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