Leave-In Beard Hydration Mist

Leave-In Beard Hydration Mist

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Our Leave-in beard hydration mist is a conditioning spray crafted to tackle dryness, breakage and split ends. It’s the perfect addition to your beard grooming routine and will be a game changer on your journey. Our beard hydration mist can also be used on hair, locks, braids and twist.


Aloe Vera Juice, Infusion of Rosemary, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol (a Fatty Acid), Emulsifying Wax NF, Sunflower Oil, Black Castor Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Phenoyxethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin.


Conditions beard
Our Beard Hydration Mist will deeply moisturizes your dry beard, help alleviate dryness and prevent breakage. It works great as a detangling spray.
  • Beards
  • Hair
  • Locs
  • Braids & Twists


Hold approximately 6 inches away from your beard and spray desired amount into entire beard. If you have a shorter beard spray into hands and work into beard. Lock in moisture with Classic Grooming Beard Oil and style as desired.

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34 reviews for Leave-In Beard Hydration Mist

  1. Bearded+blanco (verified owner)

    Love this product makes beard moist and soft and helps with the tangles y’all did a great job keep it up

  2. david (verified owner)

    very impressive product, i found that using it twice a day in the morning with the butter and in the night with the oil works better for my beard!

  3. Robert Daley (verified owner)

    Love this product! Love the consistency as well.

  4. Steve Buell

    I used the hydration mist three ways: (1) part of my nighttime routine – followed up with beard oil; (2) part of my morning-after shower routine – followed up by oil; (3) all by itself in the afternoon to rehydrate my beard. I have a gnarly beard that is hard to run a comb through without yanking out some hairs – the CG hydration mist really makes my beard a lot smoother and easier to comb with a lot less hair loss. Surprised it’s taken this long for a product like this to be developed. Good job guys!

  5. Stephen Belgrave (verified owner)

    The best leave in conditioner in the game! Love the spray nozzle for easy application

  6. Steven s (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical when I got this but I must say this is the best leave-in I ever had in my beard. It’s amazing. No scent which is what I prefer. And it completely detangles my beard. Fantastic product! Best in the game for sure!

  7. Clyde

    I knew I would not be disappointed with this product. I love the fact that the design of the spray bottle performs so well it doesn’t spray all over my face, it sprays enough to hit my beard. The Leave-in is thick enough where it doesn’t come dripping out of my beard. Using the Classic Grooming beard butter and oil has my beard feeling great and looking great,but adding in this leave-in conditioner with them is a game changer. My beard is so soft silky. I will continue using along with the other products daily.

  8. Kentucky beardsman (KB) (verified owner)

    This has taken over alot of products in my rotation. I’ve all but stopped using butter, and instead I use the leave in. My beard feels healthier than ever and feels amazing with this in my rotation. Use the Classic oil and touch up mid day with this product and your good for the day. The light rosemary scent is just perfect for my taste as well. This product offers a slip like no other. No tangles, no mess, and with the misting squeeze too there is no waste! Just like all the other Classic Grooming products this is a hit

  9. Lawrence Brabble (verified owner)

    This leave-in is the truth. I have used a few other products and none have left my beard feel as soft as this has. Already recommended it to another brother and he messaged me immediately after he used it saying how soft it left his beard feeling. Pick this product up now. You will not be disappointed.

  10. L. Townsend

    This is the one! The guys knew the bearded community need this to keep the beard hydrated. I use it mid day now that we are required to wear mask. I don’t have a problem with split ends or the beard getting dry because of the leave in hydration. highly recommended.

  11. Derek Boyer (verified owner)

    This mist is a game changer! This product makes my beard insanely soft and easily detangles it. My beard is very thick and course and this product is a miracle worker. I spray this in before bed and my beard is still silky soft in the morning. If anybody has trouble with keeping their beard soft, hydrated and silky smooth then this is your answer!! Spray it in your beard and work it in or just spray it on your hands and work it into your beard. 10/10 Bravo!!!!

  12. Bearded_JoeyHookem (verified owner)

    The Hydrating Mist is my favorite beard product for 2021!!! I use it and my wife and daughter. We’re on our second bottle! I highly recommend it.

  13. milt (verified owner)

    ordered this leave in hydration mist and it has been a definite GAME CHANGER!!! i apply it at night faithfully and it has made my beard 10000x softer in the morning!

  14. Shaun (verified owner)

    Works really well on my coarse beard. Has beard feeling soft and lasts all day. Best leave in conditioner on the market in my opinion.

  15. Jesse D. Becerra Sr. (verified owner)

    Amazing amazing AMAZING!!! Love that it has no scent so I can mix with any of my oils, butters and balms!

  16. Dennis (verified owner)

    Love it!!!!!!!!! Worked as promise

  17. Tae (verified owner)

    Great product that I’ll continue to use in my daily routine.

  18. John C (verified owner)

    Best leave-in in the game! Leaves the beard soft and moist. Y’all did the thang on this one! Great work!

  19. SahariYAH (verified owner)

    Top quality product. Smells great and does what it is supposed to. I highly recommend this product, and will continue to be a regular customer!

  20. Tony Burton (verified owner)

    Top notch

  21. Dartilues Lumpkin Jr (verified owner)

    Beard hair instantly stopped shedding. My beard used to shed so much during product use. Now I rarely have any shedding. Great product.

  22. Jerry Gio (verified owner)

    Listen here this is a MUST have in ur arsenal 3 sprays go a long ways n beard looks n feels fuller. This is a must I’ve tried couple other brands n nothing compares to cg I highly recommend 👌

  23. JONATHAN SANTOS (verified owner)

    GAME CHANGER ! love this leave in!!!

  24. Adonijah (verified owner)

    Definitely gives my beard a power punch when it’s dry or needs a refresh. You could literally spray this on your beard, 4 squirts two on each side of your face. And one underneath the chin. You can let it sit on your beard for about 20 seconds and instantly feel a difference, after 20sec I would comb my beard and it will look moisturized for a few hours!

  25. Mr. Tone (verified owner)

    This is, without a doubt, the best leave-in I have ever used. My beard is very coarse and difficult to maintain past a certain length. But after spraying and letting this sit for a minute, I can literally start detangeling my beard with my fingers! Wonderful product!

  26. oscar S mcdonald (verified owner)

    This product is truly amazing. Ive had s7ch a hard time finding high quality products for my (black man) beard that I started making my own DIY products, including oils and balms. However, it is very difficult to make a DIY softening leave in conditioner. Im hooked! This stuff literally keeps my beard hydrated for 2 or 3 days! This is not a substitute for other parts of your regime. You still need to use your oils and balms but adding this to your routine is like a miracle frim God. My beard is almost completely gray and many of you know how difficult it is to tame and soften a coarse gray beard. This product does the trick. I absolutely love, love, love it. Please dont sop making this.

  27. F. J. (verified owner)

    First time trying Classic. This Leave in Mist is very nice. I use 3-5 squirts and that’s enough for sure. Glad I took a chance with this. Now I’m ordering the oil and butter bundle. Worth the price for sure.

  28. Jeremy lewis (verified owner)

    Everything in their lineup is by far the best oil, butter, leave in..ect…. Don’t Even think twice about the price it’s well worth it and the gentleman sent smells simply amazing!! Purchase now and stop reading this review lol

  29. Daniel Carter (verified owner)

    The best beard product I have ever used. I love it. I need this forever.

  30. Dave (verified owner)

    Great job on this product. Definitely untangles the beard and leaves the hair softer.

  31. Kel (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product! I use it whenever my beard feels extra dry and brittle and it always brings my beard back to feeling soft and moisturized. I love the versatility of this product as well, since it’s a thinner leave-in conditioner it absorbs right into the hairs and no one can tell you have a leave-in conditioner in your beard. So you can put this leave-in on before going out and no one will notice; unlike other leave-in beard conditioner products that are thicker. I definitely will be a repeat costumer for this product!

  32. Tim pridgen (verified owner)

    This is the Best detangler/conditioner on the market!!! You won’t be disappointed!

  33. Stephen b (verified owner)

    I love the products, awesome ingredients and feels awesome in beard

  34. Mike (verified owner)

    This review is overdue, been using this since they dropped it. Can’t say enough about how good this product is. Hydrates, makes bigger beards manageable, it can be used as a foundation in the morning to then seal in moisture with oil and butter on top, or a mid-day refresher, whatever your routine, don’t hesitate on this.

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